Tahini is a liquid, smooth and relatively strong product which is reproduced after passing the stages of peeling, rinsing, smelling and grinding the sesame grain and has the color of cream to golden yellow. Tahini can be consumed along with the date, date sap or grapes sap as a meal. Tahini can also be used in making cakes, sweets, desserts and salad sauces.

Tahini Halvah

Tahini Halvah is a solid product with thready look which is made by heating date sap and then mixing it with Tahini through continuous swirling. Tahini Halvah is served with a bread or tea as a meal. Since 50 percent of the ingredients of Tahini Halvah is sesame, this product can be a valuable food source in terms of calcium, iron, essential fatty acids and other nutrients.

Bahrain Halvah

The word Halvah has been derived from the Arabic word “Halavi” meaning sweet. To make this product, first we boil the sugar with water to create a dense liquid. then we add starch, oil, cardamom, saffron, rose water and edible brains while stirring to create a caramel jelly form. Herang souvenir, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Bahraini halvah production and sesame products with the aim of high quality production, offers different types of halvah with different tastes and packs such as special saffron halvah, Omani halvah, Bahraini halvah and other products, and offers them to the market.



The roasted sesame seed is made after peeling and roasting raw sesame. The free-sugar loaf sesame is full of mineral salts such as calcium, iron and B,D,E vitamins. Sesame seeds can be used as a supplement to blood sugar lowering drugs. Using sesame during adolescence strengthens bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis at old ages. It also helps to improve human memory and increases learning and IQ. Sesame seeds contain high levels of fiber, which also prevents constipation.

Sesame Sohan

Sohan is one of the products produced by Herang souvenir which is made in the form of small sheets in a 180gm package with crystal dishes. Sesame sohan is a kind of pressed sweet which has the main ingredients of water, sugar, honey or glucose, sesame, oil and other edible brains and a crispy texture. Sesame sohan can be a good choice for those who are in a vegetarianism diet for relative supplying calcium as they have omitted dairy products. Sesame sohan can also be a good food for those who have celiac disease due to the lack of gluten protein in its structure.


This product has been made by innovators of Herang souvenir and is produced from sesame and date sap. Herangine is a totally natural product  and free of any kind of additives that is produced in two forms of sheet or mouthful. This product has all the properties of sesame and date sap so it is a very tonic foodstuff as a healthy meal or a complementary for athletes.